Do you require overwhelming force to subdue them?

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  1. Does this person want to be in charge of the known world?
  2. Do they try to take what they want by force?
  3. Can they be accurately called Le Petit Corporal? Or at least, short stuff?
  4. Do they rebel against authority?
  5. Do they promise not to take your property, then snatch it as soon as your back is turned?
  6. Would people willingly give them weapons?
  7. Do they have an ice cream flavor named after them?
  8. Are they always up for a little light looting?
  9. Do you require overwhelming force to subdue them?
  10. Are they violently against naps and/or bedtime?
  11. Will they throw a tantrum if you tell them no? …


The best way to go viral

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Written with Amy Currul, Ash Jurberg, Katherine Revelle and Susan Sassy,

  1. You got it because you offered your goods on social media.
  2. Famous artists throughout history have had at least one.
  3. When you get it, it burns down deep
  4. People treat you differently if they know you have one.
  5. Your older family members don’t understand why you have so many and who are all these people that gave it to you?
  6. Acquiring it from friends is super awkward.
  7. The more you get, the better you feel.
  8. The only way to prevent them is to stop going into the ring for another swing. …


Deploy the Attack Polar Bears and Condolence Tacos!

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Co-Written with Susan Sassi and Mike Leonetti

In the days before the American election, members of NATO met to discuss what to do if Trump was reelected. The minutes from that secret meeting were accidentally released on Twitter by an intern.

Poland: Thank you for coming to this emergency meeting. This was supposed to be for members of NATO only, to discuss synchronized contingency plans in the event that Trump is reelected. I’m not sure what the rest of you are doing here.

Russia: Although we aren’t members of NATO, we felt it was important to infiltrate this meeting in order to offer our support for your anti-misinformation planning. Mother Russia would be happy to send our surplus of highly trained workers to recount votes, and to alleviate the workloads of Facebook employees. …

Remote Work

3 techniques to ‘see’ people as fully-realized human beings

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In the summer of 2008, my director called me, and a guy we’ll call Dan, into his office. I wondered if one of us — or both of us — was about to get fired. Dan and I were supposed to work together. But it seemed like the only thing we excelled at was exchanging angry emails and tense phone conversations. After two weeks of this, our boss intervened.

But instead of yelling at us, he staged a conflict management session. We aired our grievances. We came up with a workable compromise. …


Maybe If We Run 2020 Backwards We’ll Get Our Nice Things Back

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  1. I focus on your breathing way more than I should.
  2. I have no idea why all the booze in the house is disappearin’.
  3. I should turn off my phone and go to bed.
  4. It’s not that I have a drinking problem, it’s just that the wine, the beer, and the whiskey are the only things that get me.
  5. I fantasize about what I’ll do when we aren’t six feet apart.
  6. Folks explain they’re not racist, it’s just that they really like the Confederate flag and wish we could let bygones be bygones.
  7. Getting day drunk and having a party in my pajamas is the new normal. …

Strategies for the time-strapped

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All this parent wanted to do was lay down for a minute alone. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

In January 2013, I started an MBA. I was working full-time and had two children under the age of two. One of those children was still nursing. I had no free time for two years. Whether it was a school assignment, a work deadline, or a child who needed to eat, there was always something or someone who wanted my attention.

For many people, this pandemic is a lot like that. Work and family commitments keep them sprinting from sunrise to sunset in a desperate bid to keep everything from crashing down. Maybe this is your situation. …


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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  1. It’s been so long since you’ve been on the market, you don’t even know where it is.
  2. All of your nicest “dress to impress” clothes are out of date.
  3. You spend your evenings and weekends vacillating between eating all the carbs and trying to get back into shape.
  4. People you barely know want all of the dirty details. Who do they think you are, the Kardashians?
  5. Your friends say that something better is waiting for you. You worry the only thing waiting for you is a spot on your mom’s couch. And cats. Lots of cats.
  6. Are your skills even transferable? Will anyone else want what you do? …


Man’s Best Friend Tackles Back to School Conundrums

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Dear Aggie,

My 8 year old’’s best friend wants to have her over for a play date, but her family doesn’t social distance. I keep getting requests from her mom for sleepovers and movie nights, since the kids’ schooling is all online now. My kid misses her friend, but there’s no way she’s going over there. What do I do?


Awkward in Arkansas

Dear Awkward,

This is a tough situation and I definitely empathize. I have the best humans a dog could hope for, but sometimes they want to give me a bath. I am not comfortable with this! But there is a solution. Play dead. …

Even if you aren’t in charge

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Company culture is like a plant. Feed it right and it will thrive. Ignore it, and it can shrivel, or overwhelm its environment. If you’ve noticed that your company’s culture could use an intervention, here is a five step planyou can use to build influence to affect change, even if you aren’t the CEO.

But first, let’s tackle a question that might might stop you from acting.

Shouldn’t Leadership Fix Company Culture?

This seems like a reasonable question. Company leadership makes all of the important decisions. Shouldn’t they be the ones to fix the problems in a company?

The answer to this one is a little more nuanced. Leadership makes the ultimate decisions on company direction. But employees have more influence than might seem obvious at first. When you write an email, join a video call, or reach out to a colleague over an instant messaging platform, you adopt a certain tone. You make choices about who to trust and who to help. Multiply those choices by the number of employees in your company. If enough workers choose to act a certain way, they define company culture. …


Teresa Douglas

Mexican Yankee in Canada. Remote work speaker, manager. Book: Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams

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